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What is Betscope?

Betscope is a sports betting tool to help you extract maximum value out of the sports betting market. It helps you identify the weakest pricing for every game in every sport, understand how all your potential bets relate to one another, and provides you with a list of recommended markets you should be attacking based on how you think each game will go.

Find Market Inefficiencies

  • Quickly discover markets with price inefficiencies

Discover Correlated Outcomes

  • Explore how all markets in a game are connected to each other

Boost Your Betting Returns

  • Attack the sports betting market at its weakest points and increase your winnings

How Do I Use Betscope?

Betscope is designed not only to help you assess where the best price opportunities are, but how to bet them in a way that matches your overall beliefs on how each game will go. Our odds feed is converted into average projections for each market, enabling you to change any of the projections to what you think the fair values are.

Once you change the projections to what you think the right numbers are, our correlations engine updates all the other numbers on the board according to the correlations between each market, and runs every updated projection at every price at every sportsbook and gives you a recommended list of bets to make.

Attacking your beliefs through correlated markets with weak prices is the best way to maximize your betting profits.

Find Weakly Priced Markets

Betscope helps you find weak markets for every major sport in the US market:


An opportunity to bet both sides of a market and lock in a guaranteed profit.


An inefficient line significantly off from sharp consensus.

Split Market

An opportunity to bet both sides of a market at different lines.

Low Hold

A market where the total house edge across multiple books is small.

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Betscope is Built by Colin Davy

Colin is the former director of data science at The Action Network and a two-time hackathon winner at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. He has used data to create winning tools for sports bettors, drive value in companies, and to become a Jeopardy champion.

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